Radical=Extremist=”Danger, Will Robinson!”

What drives a person to read a mainstream “news” piece? For me, I have to be pretty bored. Like I am right now as I wait to go have splints removed from my nose following last week’s deviated septum surgery. So, I read this. From the article:

“It’s tough being a third-party candidate; they don’t get much respect from the political establishment. In the political establishment’s defense, that’s probably because third-party ideas tend to be a bit radical. Stein’s answers for providing 25 million new jobs include substantially downsizing the military, taxing financial transactions on Wall Street, and legalizing and taxing marijuana.”

Next thing you know, Stein will be suggesting that LGBTQ folks should have equal rights, or that the US should establish a universal single payer health care system. Helen Lovejoy said it best. Properly expressing how I feel about the above quote requires gestures, props and naughty words. Alas, I’m not one for making videos. There is no “defense” for the political establishment. And “radical” is relative. But, sadly, I’m afraid the term fits within the context of the US mainstream. Of course, in a sane country, disagreeing with Stein’s obvious proposals would be what’s considered radical. Again, where are the “deficit hawks” on those issues? Long story short, the USofA is so unbelievably fucked.

I warned you that I might vent from time to time.

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